Sep 28 2012




The brilliant filmmakers behind "(In)Voluntary Departure" have raised $14,000 toward their goal of $19,000. They have only four days left to raise the funds on This is a documentary that must be made so that America becomes aware of the horrible injustice LGBT international couples experience moment of their relationship.

Director Wes Culwell has done an outstanding job in creating this special and urgently needed project. They have to Monday Midnight on October 1 to raise the remainder of the funds.

Please donate immediately by clicking here.

Here is the filmmakers description of this important project.

With the battle for Marriage Equality continuing in the United States, the country is losing some of its most precious resources--its people. Many of our bi-national/foreign national LGBT couples are being forced out of the country under Voluntary Departure, which "allows an individual to leave on his or her own, rather than being formally deported which could lead to ten years of inadmissibility.

(In)Voluntary Departure is a documentary chronicling the lives of Sandro and Alon, a bi-national couple as they are forced to leave the U.S. and spend a year traveling the globe in search of a new place to call home.

This film follows the year-long journey as Sandro is forced to walk away from his flourishing L.A. based fashion line and Alon must resign from Mircrosoft, his 10+ year employer, to travel the globe looking for a new home that welcomes and recognizes its LGBT citizens as equal under the law. This is a chance to be a part of not only telling the story of the outdated immigration policies of the United States, but a chance to join the ever growing voices that are demanding a repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the recognition of our friends and legal spouses of bi-national couples.

As we continue to push for the repeal of DOMA and recognition of Federal Marriage rights, this country is experiencing a severe "gay brain drain" as we lose some of the most talented contributors to our economy.

We ask you to join us in helping to tell Sandro and Alon's story in hopes that sharing these personal journeys will raise awareness and help the U.S. see a clear path to bringing our friends and families HOME ONCE AND FOR ALL.