Sep 9 2012




Later this month, the Imperial War Museum in London will exhibit an amazing collection of World War II photographs by Sir Cecil Beaton. His photograph of an injured British child from the Blitz on the cover of LIFE is credited with creating enormous sympathy for Britain in the United States before we entered the Great War.

The website for the Imperial War Museum describes Beaton:

Cecil Beaton is one of Britain’s most celebrated photographers and designers. His glamorous photographs of royalty and celebrities projected him to fame but his extraordinary work as a wartime photographer is less well-known.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Information in July 1940, Beaton was the longest serving high-profile photographer to cover the Second World War. He travelled throughout Britain, the Middle East, India, China and Burma and captured a world on the brink of lasting change.

In later years, Beaton attributed his war photographs as his single most important body of photographic work. Through his photographs, drawings and books as well as his work in theatre and film, this exhibition tells the story of how the war became a personal turning point in Beaton’s career.