Oct 4 2012




Mixner Richard

Let's not kid ourselves the debate was not good for our President. But before we start wringing our hands and wishing things were different it is important to remember one thing.

How tragic it would be for us to win in four states with our marriage equality measures in November and then face a Constitutional Amendment banning it?

Don't fool yourselves into thinking 'that will never happen'.

Every single Republican Senator who will become Chair of a committee in the United States Senate if the Republicans take control has endorsed such an amendment. Mitt Romney has endorsed it. Paul Ryan has voted for it.

And if you don't think there are enough states who will ratify it, I suggest you take a good look at the map and count the states that would ratify the amendment almost over night. I count 29 that would do it in a heartbeat.

You can kiss any Supreme Court decisions in the future good-bye.

Never have we as a community been so close to full equality and never have we been so close to losing it all in this election.

No matter how we would want the world to be this morning, it makes no difference. Our lives, our future and our freedom are at stake in this election. Don't play with it. Don't be high and mighty about it. Don't blame someone else about it. As a dear friend always reminds me, "It is what it is".

Just do what the courageous and noble LGBT community have always done in the times of adversity. Fight back. Fight hard. Ignore the odds. Show others how it is done. Most importantly take this nation to a new place in its politics, hearts and values.

Let's get the job done.