Oct 18 2012




With no input from last night's debate showing up in the polls until about Friday at the earliest, Mitt Romney has gained a six point lead over our President in the Gallup Tracking Poll of "Likely Voters". The President is only two points behind with registered voters. That statistic alone is enough to make you want to work night and day to turn out our voters.

Now that could be very depressing news EXCEPT when you look behind the numbers. The geographic regions are really revealing. Obama leads in every region of the country except the South. That of course most likely includes North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. The lead by Romney in the South is a huge 22 points.

You can whistle 'Dixie' as you read the numbers. This poll was taken when Obama was its lowest.


Obama 52%
Romney 48%


Obama 52%
Romney 48%


Romney 61%
Obama 39%


Obama 53%
Romney 47%