Oct 30 2012




This time next week we will be biting our nails, calling each other for information and second guessing everyone that has anything to do in politics. We have just one week to go in a process that seems to have lasted for years.

Americans in making their choice will determine the future of America.

America will chose its new President. Never has the choice been more stark and more clear. With our President we will move forward as a nation of diversity, a sense of equality and bringing our troops home from war. The other America could be the squeal to "Mad Men" and return to the era of robber barons, economic injustice, discrimination against LGBT Americans and confrontation in our foreign policy.

There is still time to help President Obama by staffing phone banks to get out the vote and sending out personal appeals

Of course the most important act is for you to vote. The Hurricane proves the point of the value of early voting. So if you are able to cast your vote early, vote now. Vote Today!