Oct 17 2012



_63504981_salmondcameron_getty608Salmon and Cameron Signing Edinburgh Agreements

Will in the Spring of 2015 the European Union be considering membership for the Republic of Scotland? T

This week a historical agreement was reached in Edinburgh, Scotland between Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond. "The Edinburgh Agreement" calls for a referendum on Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom to take place in the Fall of 2014. It will be an up and down vote on the issue with no alternatives allowed on the ballot ( such as more home rule).

While hailed by Cameron as a compromise it appears the Scots got the better part of the deal including lowering the voting age on the ballot measure from 18 years old to 16 years old. Also the Scots get to chose the timing of the election in 2014. Polls how great support from young people in Scotland for independence while older voters are more reluctant to upset the apple cart.

The BBC News describes the major points of the agreement.

-A statutory order to be legislated at Westminster, granting Holyrood powers to hold a single-question independence referendum by the end of 2014 and covering other issues like campaign broadcasts.

-A "memorandum of agreement" to be signed by political leaders confirming the details of the referendum will be settled at Holyrood.

-A significant role for the Electoral Commission watchdog in advising on the wording of the question, the running of the referendum and areas including campaign finance.