Oct 16 2012




With Bruce Springsteen out on the campaign trail for President Obama, you have to wonder what celebrities are supporting good ole Mitt. The Romney campaign has released this list. You will be surprised at some of the names on the list. Here goes:

1. Actor Chuck Norris
2. Model Cindy Crawford
3. Rocker Gene Simmons
4. Actor Robert Duvall
5. Comedian and Game Show Host Jeff Foxworthy
6. "Clueless' Star Stacy Dash
7. "Friday Night Lights" Buzz Bissinger
9. Lynyrd Skynyrd's Johnny Van Zant
10 Country Western Singer Tracie Atkins
11. Former Quarterback John Elway
12. Actor Kelsey Grammar
13. Actor Clint Eastwood
14. Actor Jon Voight
15. Rocker Kid Rock
16. Actor Scott Baio
17. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer 18. Rapper LL Cool J
19. Rapper 50 Cemts
20. Actress Patricia Heaton
21 Actor Dean Cain
22. Actor Sylvester Sallone
23. Actor Gary Sinese
24. Actor James Woods
25. Actor Jon Cryer
26. Singer Kelly Clarkson
27. Game Show Host Drew Carey