Oct 3 2012




AccuWeather.com has just released their annual winter forecast for October to April 2013. After Christmas, it appears that from Charlotte to New York City will see above snowfall with several major winter storms going up the coast. Here is what the weather center said for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and you can see the rest of the nation's forecast by clicking here.

Above-Normal Snow for Northeast, Appalachians

Above-normal snowfall is predicted for the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and central and southern Appalachians, spanning western Massachusetts to northern portions of Georgia and Alabama, this winter.

"I-95 this year in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic will have more snow than they did last year. However, as far as above-normal snowfall goes, from New York City on south and west has a better shot with more mixed rain and snow systems in New England," AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said.

Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Charlotte are among other cities that may receive more snow than usual.

A couple of larger storms could unleash the above-normal snowfall in the major cities, as the winter setup should allow big storms to form off the East Coast. The best chance for the big snowstorms will arrive during the middle to latter part of the season, including January and February.