Nov 9 2012




One only has to look toward Colorado to realize that election night was also a historic night for the LGBT community at the local and state level. Last year the Colorado legislature voted down civil unions. This year three members of the legislature who opposed civil unions lost their jobs. Now both houses of the legislature are in Democratic hands.

Even more importantly, the new Speaker of the Colorado House will be openly gay lawmaker Mark Ferrandino (above)! In Oregon, an open lesbian, Tina Kotek (below), is expected to be elected Speaker of the House in that state. Both California and Rhode Island currently have gay Speakers of the House.


Also in the Colorado Senator, another openly gay man, Pat Steadman, is in the running to be President of the State Senator. If he wins, Colorado will be the first State in history to have both Chambers led by openly LGBT Americans!

Colorado was not the exception on election night.

In New Hampshire, we are so proud of Stacie Laughton who by her win in New Hampshire became the first Transgender person ever elected to any state legislature.


Before the election there was 17 states that had no open members of the their legislatures. Now there are only 10 states left to elect an open LGBT member. The Victory Fund deserves enormous credit for helping train, finance and crete awareness about these candidates. 

Where in the past electing just one of our own was considered historic, places like Colorado now has seven members, California has six members, Georgia has three and many seven states elected their first open LGBT members ever.

What a night.