Nov 24 2012




For the November/December issue of Esstential Homme magazine, Brandon Voss conducts a great interview with successful actor/singer Cheyenne Jackson. This is a wonderful story of a young man learning about style and his fashion sense from a poor childhood. enjoy.

Here is an excerpt:

Which celebrity’s style do you most admire?

David Beckham is always impeccably pulled together with an athletic, rock and roll vibe, but he always looks like himself. Tom Ford is another obvious choice, but the last time I got close to him in person he looked stunning from head to toe, and I even examined his cufflinks and fingernails.

You also look stunning in a suit. Is that comfortable, or does a suit just feel like another costume?

I attend so many events as an ambassador for amfAR, so I own a lot of suits and tuxes. Chris Martinelli at Calvin Klein helps me out with really fancy stuff, and Roberto Cavalli hooks me up if I need something snazzy with interesting detail, but for the most part I do a good job of putting together a look myself. A tux feels like a second skin at this point. I’m much more comfortable in a suit than a Speedo.