Nov 15 2012



Catholic church4

Don't you love the compassion pouring out of the Catholic Church?

With so much war and hunger you would think all the money they are raising to stop marriage equality could be put to better use. The Human Rights Campaign estimates that the Catholic Church funneled over two million dollars to fight marriage equality the last election.

The churches ugliness reached a new low in northwest Minnesota.

The Minnesota Star Tribune is reporting:

A Catholic priest in northwest Minnesota is refusing to administer the sacrament of confirmation to 17-year-old after the teen posted a photo on Facebook condemning the marriage amendment, according to a newspaper report.

The decision by the priest at Assumption Church in Barnesville, Minn., to deny confirmation to Lennon Cihak last month has surprised the teen’s family, The Forum reports:

“The Facebook post in question was a photo of Lennon in front of an altered political sign. Originally reading “Vote Yes” on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment, which would have changed the state’s constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman, Lennon scribbled out the “yes” and replaced it with “NO!”

The teen’s mother says she was “called into a private conversation with the priest soon after the photo was discovered and was told her son wouldn’t be allowed to complete confirmation.”

The newspaper also reports that the family is also being denied communion. Church officials made no comment for the story.

Aimed at banning same-sex marriage in Minnesota, the proposed marriage amendment failed to win a majority vote on the Nov. 6 ballot. The state’s Catholic bishops and clergy were among the most vocal supporters of the amendment and called on the Catholic faithful to vote for the measure.