Nov 18 2012



Leader  Pelosi Introduces New Democratic Congress Members

Out of every election there are usually at least a dozen seats that aren't decided for at least a week after the election. Then there are a few that takes weeks to declare a final winner. Finally there is always one that seems to go on and on before a winner is declared. The elections this year are not an exception to this pattern.

Two more races have been called for the Democrats in the House. In San Diego, Republican incumbent Brian Bilbray (52 District) conceded the election to Democrat Scott Peters who has a strong 3,800 plus lead. In California's 7th District, Republican incumbent Dan Lungren also conceded his election to Democrat Dr. Ami Bera The challenger has amassed a lead of more than 5,500 votes.

In Arizona's 2nd District (Gabby Gifford's old seat), Democrat Ron Barber was declared the victor just yesterday.  

There are still two House races not decided.

In Louisiana, two Republicans will face a run off for the 3rd District seat. No Democrat will be in the run off.

Then  there is the challenge to extreme right wing Congressman Allen West in Florida's 18th District. Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy has near a 2,000 vote lead. Now a full recount has been order in the race since some missing ballots in Palm Beach County (!). Observers expect Murphy's lead to hold but is not a sure thing.