Nov 11 2012




In reality, never knew how terrified I was about the results of this election until our President won on Tuesday night. Then instantly I became extremely tired, stress left my body and the days since I have been coasting along. Day in and day out it is now clear that all of us were living in fear that Mitt might win the election. Even though in the last days there were encouraging signs none of us would allow ourselves to believe it.

Unlike 2008 when I was overcome with emotion by the historic moment of a the first African-American President, this year it was an overwhelming sense of relief. That the most those right wing forces were soundly beaten at the polls by the sane and sensible American people. Not only did we elect our President, an open Senator, four new LGBT Congress people but the really evil candidates lost at the ballot box.

The two 'rape ain't bad' candidates in Missouri and Indiana were decidedly defeated. Congressman Walsh in Illinois (who is a right wing conspirator) was defeated by the very honorable Tammy Duckworth. In Florida, crazy man Congressman Alan West apparently was defeated by attractive and progressive Patrick Murphy. Senator Jon Tester in Montana defeated the guy who sued the firemen who came on his land to put out a fire! Even Michelle Bachman was given the race of her life. In Connecticut that wrestlin lady who spent over $100 million in her attempt to buy a Senate seat was thrown to the mat and lost.

What is scary is that a man like "legitimate rape' Todd Akin can achieve over 39% of the voters. Seriously, do that many people agree with him and weren't simply appalled by his absurd sexist and angry declaration? Michelle Bachman did win but we will get her next time.

America is changing but there is a hard core group of Americans who yearn for an America that no longer exist. They yearn for a time they will never see again. Maybe they can go live with the Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and fulfill their dreams of a time that has disappeared. America in an inclusive country now made up of dreamers from every walk of life and background.

Get use to it.