Nov 23 2012




The German Airship Hindenberg was the pride of the Nazi regime. It was a passenger airship that was making its maiden voyage to the United States. The huge Zeppelin had made its first flight from Frankfurt to Rio de Janeiro. Now, on May 3, the airship left Europe for the United States. The craft had onboard 36 passengers which means it was only half filled. There were an additional 61 crew members onboard.

On May 6, it flew over Boston and then over New York City creating chaos in the streets as people attempted to see the new and unique craft. Around 7PM, the massive giant prepared to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. The mooring lines were dropped to the ground to bring the ship safely down to debark the passengers. At 7:25PM, the Nazi Zeppelin exploded and collapsed into a mass of flames.

The entire process was captured on film including passengers leaping and running from the burning airship. Thirty-six people died in the disaster but there were an amazing sixty-one survivors.