Nov 9 2012




In February, 1953 a massive storm came off the North Sea devastated Europe. The epicenter was the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands. A storm surge of 18 feet overwhelmed barriers and rushed water inland. Over 1,800 people died when the dykes broke and flooded most of the southern part of the Netherlands.

Beligium, England and Scotland were also hard hit and over 400 died in those countries.

Nations from all over the world flocked to provide relief and save lives.

From this horrible disaster, the Dutch became pioneers in building systems that would stop storm surges from entering the nation in future storms. Actually New York City should examine their system for our own waterways which failed with Hurricane Sandy.

Queen Juliana became a symbol of the rebuilding effort and rallied the people to rebuild.

There are two videos. One is about the horror of the flood and the other is about Delta Works there system installed since 1953 to protect their entire nation from storm surges.