Nov 21 2012




New York's Irish community might be organizing one of the largest 'Irish Gatherings' outside the St. Patick's Day Parade. Literally bus loads of volunteers are heading to the Irish enclave of The Rockaways in New York to assist with the recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy. The Irish neighborhood was devastated by the powerful storm.

The effort kicks off this Saturday with buses leaving from four destinations in the Bronx, Manhattan and Queens. They will leave at 7AM and you should expect to put in a hard day of labor. The "Gathering" is being organized by the Irish Consulate here in New York with great assistance from the people of Ireland.

The buses will depart from:

-Aisling Irish Center (990 Mclean Avenue, Yonkers)

-The Emerald Isle Immigration Center (5926 Woodside Avenue, Woodside)

-New York Irish Center (1040 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City)

- Grand Central Airport Bus Location (located Park Avenue (between 41st and 42nd Street))

You can register to join this huge 'Irish Gathering' by click here. Or you can call the Irish Hotline at (212) 684-3366 x 127. Volunteers are needed. This is the best thing you can do this Thanksgiving! Sign up and participate and help are brothers and sisters in The Rockaways.