Nov 13 2012




-Above is a great photograph off Twitter of renown photographer Nigel Barker taking a picture of Taylor Swift taking a picture of him. Two sexy people having fun! has an article by Alexander Burns that not only can't the Republicans can't count voters they have the worse pollsters in the world. That is the reason so many of them believed that Romney would win!

-The same site also has Kenneth Vogel reporting that Karl Rove is really feeling the heat for getting exactly nothing for over a quarter of a billion spent. He also did himself no favors by his appearance on Fox News that night. It was painful to watch.


-Broadway Cares/Equity Fight AIDS donated an amazing $250,000 for Hurricane Sandy relief. Each day it is clearer just how devastating the hurricane was for New York and New Jersey. Thousands of volunteers are heading out from Manhattan to the impacted areas including Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (above) according to Emily Smith of Page Six!

-President Clinton best pal, Terry McCauliffe , is going to make a second run at the Governorship of Virginia in 2013

-Wow. The Glass House Tavern has been packing in the celebrities. Among seen at the West 47th Street establishment has been Cheyenne Jackson (below), Ari Graynor, Henry Winkler, Jessica Chastain, Dan Stevens, Director Moises Kaufman, Matthew Broderick, Tracy Ullman, Boyd Gaines, Richard Thomas, Chris Bolan , Judith Light, Lance Horne, Nigel Barker, Alicia Silverstone, Richard Kind, Gabourey Sidibe and the legendary Judy Kaye!


-Republican Senator Marco Rubio is already huddling with his top advisors to figure out his plans over the next four years. Will he attempt to become the first Hispanic nominee for President? The Republicans are urgently looking for ways to attract this emerging bloc of voters.

-Kerry Eleveld has a spectacular article in The Atlantic laying out why President Obama will be an effective liberal in his second term.

-Well so much for the influence of the Pope on our elections. Irish Central reports that American Catholics voted 52% to 48% for President Obama!

-The Courier-Journal reports that actress Ashley Judd (below) is seriously thinking of running for the Senator seat held by Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014.


-Want to know how your county voted in your state? Just click here and you can obtain election results by state and county.

-Congressman Paul Ryan who has always carried his hometown of Janesville lost it by ten points in his race for Congress and by twenty-five points in his race for Vice-President! The Romney/Ryan ticket barely even carried Ryan's Congressional District. Bet Romney wishes he would have picked Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

-Glenn Beck is beside himself with the election results. He rails against Speaker John Boehner, Republicans in Congress and Karl Rove. Watch the video by clicking here.

-If you want to see how the religious folks voted in this election just click here.

-Queen Elizabeth look elegant as he observed "Remembrance Day" on November 11. She lead a two minute nationwide moment of silence.


-David Badash, editor and founder of The New Civil Rights Movement, has a great column on The Huffington Post on reactions from LGBT leaders to the election. It is a must read.

-George P. Bush, the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush,  is putting together a committee to run for office in Texas. It is not clear which one he will be seeking. The Bush Dynasty continues into the next generation.

-Everyone expects the usual 'second-term shake-up' with President Obama's Cabinet. Edward-Issac Dovere does a good job of finding out who are the leading contenders for the different positions. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) (photograph) is a leading candidate for Secretary of State.


-If Kerry is offered the position of Secretary of State, will we see a Senate Race to replace him between Governor Deval Patrick (D) and recently defeated Senator Scott Brown (R)?

-Hurricane Sandy was good for one thing. The Weather Channel had 39 million viewers on the Sunday before the storm came ashore. had more than 300 million page views about Hurricane Sandy!

-Senator Claire McCaskill's victory over right-winger Todd Akin had to be bitter sweet. Her mother Betty Anne McCaskill (see below on right) passed away the week before the election. Ms. Betty Anne had been a force in Missouri politics since the 1950's. Six years ago I had the privileged to campaign with Ms. Betty Anne and she was an amazing personality and had brilliant political mind.