Nov 19 2012




Who wanted to be Vice President anyway on a Romney ticket? In the end, it hurt Congressman Paul Ryan's chances in 2016 more then the selection helped him.

Since the election, Republicans haven't turned to women or LGBT Americans to rebuild their Party. They have publicly lamented the loss of the Hispanic Catholic vote. Clearly the American Catholic Bishops horrendous letters from the pulpit couldn't deliver the vote. So now the speculation is running deep that the answer to their future might rest on the shoulders of young attractive Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.

This weekend, only two weeks since election day, Senator Rubio was the keynote speaker in Iowa for a Republican fundraising dinner.

Here is a video excerpt from that event. I am struck by what a boring, monotone speaking style the young Senator had at the event. Isn't being somewhat charismatic a requirement to be President? What do you think?