Nov 26 2012




Mail Online has published a photography essay and photographs of young soldiers who served in the civil war. This huge collection was collected by the Liljenquist Family - the father and three young sons. Here is the description of the 700 images given to the Library of Congress.

The Lijenquist boys became fascinated with Civil War photography after collecting this picture and set about amassing their enormous and impressive collection.

Traveling to memorabilia shows with their father as far away as Tennessee, they networked with dealers and made purchases on eBay.

Some pictures they bought cost hundred of dollars and some set the family back thousands.

Each picture had to speak to them as men and it was necessary for every one to have the 'Wow' factor.

'We looked for compelling faces that seemed to be saying something across time to us.'

The photographs which are the size of a grown man's palm are committed to glass, an ambrotype, or onto metal, a tintype.

It is thought that the majority were taken by local photographers just before a soldier was sent to the front and in the past 50 years the Library of Congress had only collected 30 images of infantry men before the Liljenquist collection was donated."

Here are more photographs and a video by the collection at the end.