Nov 7 2012




In my wildest dreams, never did I dream that I would live to see a night where LGBT Americans would achieve such historical victories at the ballot box. The number of wins were breath-taking and overwhelming. Although much needs to be done, LGBT Americans can be heard singing "America The Beautiful' all over our great nation with joy and conviction.

Almost every minute last night the returns held out a new victory to us proving our long epic strong freedom and full equality is at last winning the hearts of minds of our fellow Americans.

Just read these results, savoir them, make a joyful noise about them and a make a pledge to bring our struggle on home where every single LGBT person knows the taste of freedom. Step forward with renewed commitment to battle until our job is done.

Take a moment also to reflect about all those who are no longer with us. Who gave their last dying breaths in the name of freedom, the tens of thousands who needlessly died of HIV/AIDS, the victims of hate crimes and all those who have paid a price in the name of freedom. Never forget our pioneers and our hero's

However for today, sit back, smile, share it with families and friends who have supported us. Smile, sing and make a joyful noise about our victories. LGBT Americans have earned this moment so enjoy every second of it.