Nov 17 2012




Signorile in his Huffington Post "Gay Voices" column examines how LGBT Republicans lost a historic opportunity to increase their impact both in their own party and respect within the LGBT community. The entire column can be read here but here is an excerpt:

"But two weeks before the election, Log Cabin announced that it was indeed backing Romney, just when Romney was brazenly and transparently moving to the middle, turning around on so many of his hard-right positions and wanting to convince independents and moderates that he wasn't so harsh. An endorsement from a gay group could help in that regard. Log Cabin clearly drank the GOP Kool-Aid and thought Romney was actually going to win the election. They probably naively thought that by endorsing him, they'd have a place at the table, even though they'd backed a man who only made promises to the enemies of gay rights.

Log Cabin threw away all the good will it had built up, as LGBT Democrats, independents and even some Republicans reacted with disbelief and anger. And then Log Cabin lost big when Romney lost big. Had the group not endorsed him, not only would it have retained the respect that it had earned, but it would now have more pull within the GOP. So much of politics is about perception, and Log Cabin would be able to tell GOP leaders, in the midst of the handwringing over the party's "demographic problem," that had Romney backed off his harsh line on gay rights, and had Log Cabin endorsed him then, the group could have helped him win. LGBT voters made up 5 percent of the electorate and, as The New York Times notes, have "a claim on having been decisive," with 76 percent of LGBT voters having supported President Obama."