Nov 21 2012



Mixner's Best News

Between now and the end of the year, I will share with you my personal choices for "Mixner's Best of 2012". There will be choices you love, those that you hate and categories you think should be included or ones you feel shouldn't exist! However I went with the first thoughts that came to my mind in this installment dealing with the news media. Clearly these winner's left an impression on me.

Feel free to add you own choices.

-The Best Morning Show: ABC Weekend Good Morning America

-Best Network News Show: NBC News

-Best Sunday Morning Talk Show: This Week with George Stephanopoulos

-Best Cable News Network: MSNBC

-Best Anchor On Any News Show: Thomas Roberts (MSNBC)

-Best Commentary: Frank Rich (New York Magazine)

-Best Magazine of the Year: New York Magazine

-Best Newspaper of the Year: Denver Post

-Best Coverage of Breaking Story: Denver Post (Colorado Wildfires/ Shooter in Theater)

-Best Coverage of Foreign Policy: The Economist

-Best 'Scoop' Of The Year: Mother Jones and 47% Story

-Best Election Commentary: Robert Shrum (The Daily Beast)

-Best Journalist (Domestic): Anderson Cooper (CNN)

-Best Journalist(Foreign): Richard Engel (NBC)

-Best Political Coverage On Internet: Taegan Goddard's 'Political Wire'

-Best LGBT Blog:

-Best Column: Ed Kennedy of for 'Morning MeMe"

-Best Weather Site:

-Best Major Internet Site: The Daily Beast

-Most Promising New Internet Site:

-Best Photojournalism Site:'s Big Picture

-Best Entertainment News: Deadline Hollywood

-Best Coverage of Broadway:

-Best Business Site: 24/7 Wall Street

-Best Polling Site: Public Policy Polling

-Best Environment Site: National Geographic

-Best Architecture Site: