Nov 16 2012



Blizzard car

Henry Margusity of is predicting a possibility of a brutal winter along the East Coast. The same weather pattern that made Hurricane Sandy possible appears to be locking in for the winter. In fact, Margusity says we can expect even an old fashion blizzard.

He writes:

"Posted below is my winter forecast for the snow departures. The two above-normal areas are based on two storm tracks. One along the East coast and another through the Plains and Great Lakes. The forecast is based on..

1. Neutral ENSO event, i.e. no El Nino or La Nina

2. Blocking staying on through the winter

3. A positive PNA pattern

The blocking so far this fall has been more extensive than this time last year which means if it continues, we will see more big storms developing along the East coast. I expect we will see at least one blizzard on the magnitude of the 2010 NYC storm.

To me, it's a wild weather pattern that will be ongoing into this winter, one that will bring snow and shots of cold weather.

Speaking of cold weather, after Thanksgiving, the GFS is showing several shots of very cold weather coming into the Eastern part of the country. The Euro weeklies also agree that the last week of November and the first two weeks of December will be below normal in the eastern part of the country. Lake-effect snow should get going, and we will need to see how the blocking plays out for any snowstorm potential"