Nov 16 2012




The situation for LGBT Africans grows more grave each day. Uganda is once again taking up its "Kill the Gays" legislation and hopes to pass it before Christmas as a gift to Christians! Now Nigeria which is torn with internal strife has decided to distract its citizens from their serious woes is on the verge of passing a new horrific anti-LGBT law.

Here is what the law does:

-Ten years in prison for public displays of affection between same sex couples.

-Ten years in prison for living in sin with someone of the same sex.

-Ten years in prison for organizing a gathering of LGBT Nigerians.

-Ten years in prison for supporting any LGBT Nigerian Pride Parade.

President Goodluck Jonathan can veto this legislation if it is passed in the Nigerian Parliament this coming week. is launching a massive petition drive to appeal to the President for him to use common sense and decency and veto this legislation.

Click here to sign the petition and once you have signed it, pass it on!