Nov 9 2012





Some of the nation's leading Republican from Karl Rove to former National Republican Chairperson Haley Barbour have been loudly proclaiming that Hurricane Sandy is the reason that Romney lost the election. They claimed that Romney was on the way to victory and the Hurricane stopped his momentum.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

What cost Romney the election was climbing into bed with some of the most extreme personalities in politics who wanted women to stay in their place, equal rights taken from the LGBT community, supporters who used blatantly racist rhetoric and those that wanted Hispanics to be deported. Mitt sought out their support, had his running mate speak at their conferences and gave their hate a dignity that would scare any voter.

What cost Romney the election were his policies and his own statements. Writing for all the world to see that he wanted America's proud automobile industry to go bankrupt. He advocated doing away with FEMA as Americans brace for one disaster after another because of climate change.

What cost Romney the election was that he picked a running mate who in his Ryan Plan devastated programs for the poor and gave tax breaks to the rich. A plan that wanted to use vouchers for Medicare.

What cost Romney the election was his embracing the Tea Party and their candidates who proceeded to launch a war on American women including fighting their right to chose their own healthcare, making being a woman a pre-existing condition and casually refusing to come to terms with violence against women both domestically and in society.

Romney and his lack of courage to stand up against the forces of evil cost him the election not a hurricane.

Trust me, when a candidate wants to put me in the Constitution of the United States which would deny me the rights, protections and benefits granted to all other Americans, you better believe I am going to fight like hell against him. 

As a result, LGBT Americans, women, Hispanics and African-Americans voted by huge margins to make sure they were included in the American dream and they voted for President Obama.

If Republicans fail to come to terms with these reasons and a new diverse America, they will soon be a vanishing party.