Nov 21 2012




Yes, I know, the polls closed sixteen days ago but votes are still being counted - especially in some of the larger blue states. What was viewed by conservatives as a 'close election' in regards to popular vote now has no basis in fact.

President Obama's lead has almost doubled since election night. Interestingly, most of the still uncounted votes rest in New York State. Dave Wasserman (Cook Report) estimates on Twitter (@redistrict) there are still two to three million uncounted votes in the Empire State.

The President has passed four million votes as his margin of victory. He has a solid three percent lead and it still could increase to a margin of four percent!

Just to put this in perspective the President's lead is much greater than that of President George W. Bush in his re-election in 2004 which the Republicans called a great mandate to continue his policies of war and economic destruction.

Wasserman has some facts on his Twitter. Here are some of them.

-In East St. Louis, Illinois Obama won by 99% to 1% for Romeny!

-Six states where the President has 'more' votes than the last election are Lousiana, Mississippi, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolin and Virginia!

-0utside of Salt Lake City in Utah, Romney took 83% of the vote. The President's vote in Utah of 25% is the lowest of any Democratic nominee since 1984 with Monday.

-For the first time in history, both nominees will receive over 60 million votes.

-President Obama ran 4% better in Alaska than in 2008 for his most improved state. Go figure!

-The President won Florida by 74,309 votes!

-States with the highest 3rd Party votes for President were Alaska (4.4%), Wyoming (3.5%), Oregon (3.5%) and Maine (3.2%). Most of that vote went to Libertarian Gary Johnson.

-There were 44 precincts in Chicago where Romney received 0 votes....nada....zilch