Nov 29 2012




One of the most often repeated arguments we hear from American companies that move jobs overseas is that American workers have become too expensive. Part of the concern of workers might have less to do with money than safety standards, environment conditions and child labor laws.

American clothing companies, including Wal Mart, Sears and Disney, had shipped jobs to Bangladesh. In appalling conditions, over 1,700 workers made clothes for USA companies. The factory in Tazreen had already been issued a 'high risk' safety rating in May of last year. Wal Mart has a policy that a facility must have a high risk rating at least three times in two years. After the first 'high risk' warning, Wal Mart reportedly said they would inspect the facility in one more year.

The fire started on the first floor and made it impossible for workers to escape the building. Most the dead where on the second floor. Workers were told it was a false alarm and management locked some doors to prevent them from leaving. Most all of the dead were women who were making an average of $35 a month.