Nov 16 2012




Do you know Mathew Stiltz, Jim Nehl or Ken Bennett?

You don't? Well, you should since they all died in Afghanistan in the last week.

While this senseless war continues with daily death and destruction, the American people, media and politicians are focus on the love lives of CIA Director General Petraeous and the General in charge of that war.

Politicians in Washington, DC seem to feel that the terrorist attack (or whatever it was ) that tragically killed four including our Ambassador in Benghazi is more important than a war where over 2,000 Americans have died in the last decade. So forgotten is this horrible war that the Republicans didn't even mention it at their National Convention nor was it much discussed doing the election.

Senator John McCain is so busy attacking the President on Benghazi that he missed the hearing on the subject because he was holding a press conference on it! No one can feel anything but horror for the Benghazi attack or a sense of sadness how General Petraeous destroyed a very fine career with his torrid affair.

However neither of these events are at the level of horror taking place in Afghanistan. How do you explain to the relatives and friends of Stiltz, Nehl and Bennett that their deaths are relegated to a small notice in the daily national newspapers while an affair is banner headlines and the death of Ambassador is cause for hearing after hearing and inflamed political rhetoric?

Shame on the media, shame on the politicians looking for quick political hits and shame on us for participating in this sideshow when we should be pushing to bring our soldiers home and ending this senseless war.

When our men and women come home that is when there should be banner headlines.