Nov 9 2012




Thought you were going to get a break from all the politics, didn't you?

Nope, Public Policy Polling in an exclusive for has released an Iowa Poll on who Democrats want to be there nominees in 2016. Although it is four years away and the President is barely back in Washington preparing for the tax and budget fight, such speculation is an interesting diversion from 'real life' right now.

For Iowa Democrats, at this moment, the nomination is Secretary Clintons for the asking. Iowa voters give her 58% and Vice President Biden receives17%. Following the dynamic two would be Governor Cuomo at 6% and Senator-elect Warren at 3%.

However if Clinton drops out, the Vice President becomes the front-runner with 40% and Cuomo jumps to a strong 14% of the vote. Warren is third at 9%.

If Biden also drops out then Cuomo has 30%, Warren has 13% and 46% are undecided. With such a huge undecided that leaves plenty of room for such candidates as Governor Martin O'Malley, Governor Deval Patrick, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Virginia Senator Mark Warner.