Nov 13 2012




For the last two years, the Republicans have claimed title to the hottest Congressman with Illinois's Republican Aaron Schock. The young Congressman even appeared on Men's Health with his shirt open showing off his six pack. Well, the Democrats might have elected a new member of Congress to give Schock a run for money.

There is a new 'hottie' in town and he is a Democrat.

Eric Swalwell was elected in California's 15th Congressional District. The 31 year old Dublin, California City Councilman defeated Congressman Pete Stark who has served in Congress for forty years - more years than Swalwell's age! With California's new election laws, both candidates in this race were Democratic.

Swalwell also worked at the Alameda District Attorney's office as a Deputy District Attorney.

Before serving on the City Council, Swalwell worked on Capitol Hill working for Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher as an unpaid intern and made ends meet by working at a gym and a restaurant in the summer months. The National Journal describes the newly elected Congressman as 'square-jawed with a shock of blond hair'.

The Dems took yet another big title from the Republicans on election day.