Nov 19 2012




In the recent elections here in America, the results in New Hampshire created history. For the first time in American history women held the Governorship, both U.S. Senators and every Congressional seats!

In this session of Congress, women made up about 17% of the seats both in the House and the Senate. With this year's elections, the numbers will increase. However, this nation has a long way to go to catch-up with other nations around the world.

Here is a list of the top ten nations with the most women in their national legislatures. The figure following the country is the percentage of women serving .

1. Rwanda (49%)
2. Sweden (45%)
3. Denmark (38%)
4. Finland (38%)
5. Netherlands (37%)
6. Norway (36%)
7. Cuba (36%)
8. Belgium (35%)
9. Costa Rica (35%)
10. Austria (34%)