Nov 20 2012




This Thanksgiving weekend Americans are flocking to their destinations in their cars. Unable to afford to fly their entire families or perhaps because flying has become such a nightmare experts expect over 90% of the people to drive over the woods and through the snow in their cars.

The Weather Channel has the ten worst roads at Thanksgiving that have been chosen by Texas A&M Transportation Institute and INRIX. The institutions based their choices on the number of hours wasted in traffic, gallons of gas wasted and the cost of the congestion.

Here are the ten roads you will want to avoid this holiday!

1. Los Angeles: Harbor Freeway/ CA-110 NB

2. New York: Goethals Bridge EB/ I-278

3. San Francisco: Grove Shafter Freeway/ CA-25 WB

4. Seattle: I-5 NB

5. Austin: I-35NB

6. Washington, D.C.: I-95 SB

7. Houston: I-45 SB

8. Chicago: Eisenhower Expressway/ I-290 WB

9. Philadelphia: Schuylkill Expressway/ I-76 WB

10. Dallas-Fort Worth: Loop 820/ I-820 WB