Nov 25 2012



0x600 has a list of the twenty richest women in the world. All twenty together account for $160 billion of the nations wealth. Of the twenty on the list, the Walton women in the top twenty hold over $60 billion of that amount - 39% of the total!.

According to Forbes, on Black Friday of this year alone because of an uptick in Wal Mart stock , Christy and Anne Walton made $400 million more in one day.

Below you will find the top ten wealthiest women in America. You can go to the site to see where they go their wealth and the rest of twenty.

1. Christy Walton ($27.5B)

2. Alice Walton ($26.3B)

3. Jacqueline Mars ($17B) - Photograph

4. Abigail Johnson ($11.8B)

5. Laurene Powell Jobs ($11B)

6. Anne Cox Chambers ($10.7B)

7. Blair Parry-Okeden ($5.4B)

8. Dannine Avara ($4.7B)

9. Milane Frantz ($4.7B)

10. Randa Williams ($4.7B)