Nov 7 2012



Evan Wolfson

Time for my winners and losers column from the elections. This year I have added for the first time a section called "Jumping The Shark" where a person became so bad that they are lower than a loser.


LGBT Community:

This was our best election in history. A new Senator, Four new members of the House bringing our total to six, winning four marriage ballot measures and providing President Obama with his second highest vote after African-Americans! Job well done.

LGBT Organizations:

Our organizations did a splendid job this year. Freedom to Marry and Human Rights Campaign delivered the goods especially in regards to Senator-elect Tammy Baldwin and the Four Marriage Initiatives. The Victory Fund was instrumental in the Baldwin victory and the four new members of Congress. The newly formed LPAC raised over a million dollars and made themselves a new force to be reckoned with in our community!  We can be proud of all four of these organizations.

Evan Wolfson:

Evan rightfully has been called the "Father of the Marriage Equality Movement". Wolfson has championed this issue from day one. He should be one proud 'dad' today.

Obama Campaign Team:

From the volunteers to the leadership in Chicago, we can only say thank you for running the perfect campaign. Americans shall be forever grateful.

Robert Shrum:

This commentator was consistently right in this election. For years he has advocated that Democrats run on a platform of economic populism and he saw it come true last night. In addition, in his columns and on television, he has called it right all year long. Shrum was the first to defend the President on the Bain and Romney tax ads, the first to believe Obama would bounce back from his first poor debate performance and wrote Romney's political obituary last week. A very good year for Shrum.

Democratic Coalition:

Women, African-Americans, Hispanics, LGBT community, young people and so many more held it together, worked side by side and produce historic progressive/liberal victories. The Republicans uniformly attacked these groups and they uniformly rejected the Republicans.

Ken Mehlman:

Without question Ken Mehlman raised millions and millions for marriage equality and organizations working on them. No one can match him in this effort this year and we should be thrilled with his passion and commitment for our issues.

Nate Silver:

Despite hostile and ugly attacks from the right wing, our Nate stood tall and proud and was proven right. Good job Nate!




The biggest political party in America took it on the chin last night. Choice won in Florida, marriage equality won in four states and their favorites candidates ate dust.

Mormon Church:

They not only loss with Romney they financed many of the anti-LGBT ballot measures and lost them all.

Tea Party:

Many of the Tea Party stars went down to defeat including Akin, Mourdock and Congressman West in Florida. Even Michelle Bachman was in the race for her life! It has become nothing more than an organization of old bitter white men.


Money can't buy you love. Linda McMahon spent $100 million in Connecticut and lost in a landslide. Karl Rove raised and spent about $250 million and lost everything. The Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson were handed back their empty wallets that brought them nothing.

Karl Rove:

How does he explain this to his donors? What exactly did they get for his strategy that he could buy elections, put on lies and attempt voter suppression? They got absolutely nothing. However, my guess is that Karl got paid well.


Donald Trump:

The Donald went totally crazy in the final days of the campaign and on election night on Twitter totally lost it. He issued a call for a march on Washington to overthrow the government and said the election was a sham. No one respects this man anymore.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliano

The Mayor became desperate and pitiful in the last two weeks of the campaign with shrill and out-of-control pronouncements including that Obama resign before the election. He is done politically. His attacks were beyond civilized, ugly and filled with lies. It was sad to watch