Dec 26 2012




Winter Storm Euclid will be one of the most memorable holiday storms ever. After generating over 30 tornados on Christmas Day in the deep South, leaving a foot of snow in Little Rock and Western Tennessee and ice all over the place, the weather bureau has issued blizzard warning stretching from Little Rock to Cleveland (over 700 miles).

Some areas will get over a foot of snow with 60 mph winds.

In the New York area there is still some uncertainty. Temperatures are not rising as fast as expected and the city could see several inches of wet snow and perhaps even more. There is no question that areas of New Jersey and the Hudson Valley (including Westchester, Rockland, Sullivan, etc counties) will receive over a foot of snow and heavy winds. The storm should hit the area late this afternoon.

In the city and along the coast, we can expect up to 2 inches of rain/snow/ ice/sleet. The question is how much will be snow. High wind warning has been issued for the city with gusts this evening over 60 mph! Coastal areas could see flooding and warnings have been issued!

Residents of the New York City metro area should pay close attention to the late afternoon forecast because it could change. If you plan to travel upstate or commute to there, you should leave the office early.