Dec 27 2012




Nothing defines a nation's future more than keeping pace building infrastructure to meet its needs into the future. The Eisenhower Interstate Highway system put the United States ahead of other nations by making access between major manufacturing cities possible with ease. The building of the railroad across America in the 1800's ensure the unity of a powerful economic giant.

America is in horrible shape with its infrastructure. What is ironical is that more than any other program rebuilding our infrastructure would put the unemployed back to work. Across the board we are seeing an urgent need to rebuild and create new projects that will enable us to be competitive into the 22nd Century. Everything from replacing new dams, sewers, high tech facilities, transit lines and conservation projects could make America great again.

Nothing is more stark than our inability to create a high speed rail system. Almost every major developed nation in the world has created or in the process of creating a high speed rail system. Leading the way is China that is half way through building a system that will connect every major city in that nation.

The Chinese recently opened a high speed rail line from Beijing to Guangzhou which will be over 1,400 miles. Previously to take a train on this route would require 20 hours of travel. Now with the train hitting over 180 mph on the new system the trip can be made in just ten hours. That would be like traveling from Key West to New York in ten hours. Just think, Chicago is just over 700 miles from New York City. We could make the trip there is about six hours with high speed trains.

Our airspace is packed. We are running out of room for new or expanded airports. America's future is with the rest of the world we must start now in building with huge government and private backing new high speed rail systems in America. If we fail to move on rebuilding and creating new infrastructure, our nation will pay the price in our economy and jobs lost!