Dec 10 2012




Unfortunately because of Senator John McCain's witch hunt against United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice, a thoughtful and deliberative discussion on American foreign policy was overshadowed by the disgustingly shrill attack on a person who has served her nation well in the United Nations. While discussing who should replace Secretary Clinton at this stage might be a moot point and the selection might already be made, it is nevertheless an important debate.

When Secretary Clinton leaves her position early next year she leaves big shoes to fill. With her mixture of brilliance, political instincts, toughness and principled stands she is most likely to be recorded in history as one of the great Secretary of States of all time. Secretary Clinton has raised the bar to a new level for the position. The next appointee must be a person with the bi-partisan respect, foreign policy chops and years of experience that is needed for the job.

While Ambassador Susan Rice has performed her job at the United Nations with excellence and earned the respect of many in the diplomatic community, she lacks that political instinct, that ability to stand out and also the years of experience that is demanded for such an elevated position. There is a difference between being a qualified candidate and a great choice.

That mere fact that Senator McCain attacked her is not a qualification and reason enough for her to hold one of the most important jobs in the President's cabinet.

The perfect person for Secretary of State is Senator John Kerry.

The Massachusetts Democrat is currently serving as Chair of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee. As a Vietnam Vet he understood the urgency of stopping useless wars and was a vocal opponent of the Iraq War. The Senator has been a leader in nuclear nonproliferation, climate change, the Middle East and even has Chair the Senate Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs. This is a man who understands China.

As for the international LGBT community, Senator Kerry will be an urgent and importance voice to continuing linking American foreign policy with freedom for LGBT citizens around the world. He will continue the important and pioneering work of Secretary Clinton. If you doubt his courage, the Senator was one of only 14 Senators who voted against DADT and a mere dozen who voted against DOMA.

Senator John Kerry's expertise, knowledge and resume on international affairs makes him a perfect, highly regarded and powerful choice to be our Secretary of State. In addition, he removes and ugly debate and allows this nation to move forward on other issues.