Dec 20 2012




Time to put a screeching halt to the massive Big Brother invasion by Facebook and Instagram into our private lives.

Can you imagine if you buy a camera to take private photographs on your vacation, honeymoon or family event and every picture you took belong to Canon or Kodak? They could sell the rights to it, have total access to the images and publish them as they see fit.

Of course not, and we would not tolerate it.

Facebook is like a phone or the Post Office. The social media service is simply a way to stay in touch with friends, convey important information and conduct business. Instagram is a fun way to take pictures again to share with loved one. Those social media entities own nothing of my personal life including photographs or my preferences and choices that I make on the site.

The concept that if we use their services they can use my personal information, photographs or data is simply an outrageous invasion of my privacy.

If they want to sell ads to make money then they should go for it. If they feel they need to charge a monthly fee for their service to make money then try it and see how many of us are willing to commit to their service. Personally, I love using Facebook and haven't used Instagram.

There are real questions emerging with these two entities about invasion of privacy and other Big Brother practices. They should learn from their users that we expect them to keep their hands off our data, private information and lives.