Dec 21 2012




Now it is official. The crazies have totally taken over the GOP.

The Republicans in the House rejected its own leadership yesterday in an effort to stop millionaires from having to pay more taxes. So the second major party in the country is willing to send this nation into deep recession, throw 300,000 children off food stamps, cause massive losses in the stock market and end tax cuts for the middle class in order to protect the 1% of Americans who make over one million dollars a year.

Our President had made some difficult choices in order to reach agreement to protect the economy of this nation. After all, Democrats don't control the House of Representatives and some accommodation had to be made for the good of the country. Now we realize that far from putting the nation first, the Republican Party has put the interests of 1% of Americans ahead of the economy security of their nation.

The Democratic Party should unite behind our President, pass his compromise and present it the House of Representatives. Republicans have a choice. Step forward for the good of America or quickly become a third party because soon a new force in politics will emerge.

How pitiful did the Republican Party look last night?

The GOP just don't get it. They lost the election by a comfortable margin and America is ready to move forward.