Dec 30 2012




This week a good deal of America is cold and snow covered. Brutal storms have hit the inland areas east of the Mississippi. The coldest temperatures so far this winter are expected over the next five days. However, reminds us that this is mild compared to the ten coldest days ever in the history of our nation.

The below temperatures are raw and does not factor in wind chill. For example, if the -58F in Maybell, Colorado had a 15mph wind that day the wind chill would have been an astounding -93F!!!! Take a look.

1. Prospect, Alaska (1971): -80F

2. Rogers Pass, Montana (1954): -70F

3. Riverside Station, Wyoming (1933): -66F

4. Maybell, Colorado (1985): -61F

5. Tower, Minnesota (1996): -60F

6. McIntosh, North Dakota (1936): -58F

7. Couderay, Wisconsin (1996): -55F

8. Ukiah, Oregon (1933): -54F

9. Old Forge, New York (1979): -52F

10. Vanderbilt, Michigan (1934): -51F