Dec 26 2012




There is little question now that Senator John Kerry will be easily confirmed by the United States Senate and take his place in the President's cabinet. This, of course, will leave his Senate seat vacant. Massachusetts' law has the Governor appoint his replacement until the 2014 election. The replacement is expected not to run for re-election.

Those being considered for as a replacement are both Vicki Kennedy and former Congressman Barney Frank. Vicki Kennedy would be a sentimental and popular caretaker of the seat. The appointment of Frank would in one year put two LGBT Americans in the United States Senate. He would join just elected Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Frank's appointment would certainly make history.

Already for the race for the full time position in 2014, the field is sorting itself out. The late Senator Kennedy's son, Ted Kennedy, Jr. has announced he will not seek the seat. In addition, Massachusetts' Attorney General Martha Coakley and former candidate for Senate also has indicated she will not seek the seat. Vicki Kennedy has made clear that she has no interest in running for the full term.

Political commentators believe that Governor Duval Patrick could seek the seat when his term for Governor is over. Patrick is very popular in the Bay State and could stop Scott Brown from regaining a place in the Senate