Jan 16 2013





Republican National Committee (NRC) Chairman Reince Preibus can't quite get over the fact that they lost the Presidency in November and that they lost it big! So instead of focusing on the right wing extremists in his party and their anti-LGBT, anti-Hispanic and anti-women positions, he has decided that if you can't win the vote then steal the election.

Now voter know that in the last election states like Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Virginia the Republicans attempted to rig the system - especially when it came to voting rights. They attempted to change early voting, registration laws and voting hours. Fortunately, the courts ruled in favor of the people and stop this anti-democracy efforts.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel the NRC Chair has called for the Republican Governors of states like Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan to change the way the Electoral Vote is counted so that they could have won in November. Forget the fact that Mitt lost Wisconsin by 7 points, Michigan by 10 points and Ohio by 3 points. Forget the fact that our President carried the vote nationwide 4.6% and near five million votes!

Nope the Republican Chair has figured out a way to get the Republican Governors to count the Electoral Votes and win the election despite losing in a landslide the popular vote.

Instead of the winners of the states collecting the Electoral Votes of that state, the RNC Chair would have each Congressional District have one vote and it would vote the way the district voted. He wants the Republican Governors and Legislatures of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia to change their laws.

The Washington Post's "The Fix" by Chris Cillizza reports on the impact of this new system if they are successful:

"The new system would allow Republicans to consistently win electoral votes (and quite possibly a majority of electoral votes) from states like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Virginia, regardless of whether they win the statewide vote.

All five of these states went for Obama in 2012. Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have consistently gone blue at the presidential level, and Virginia is tilting in that direction, which would make winning any electoral votes in these states a victory for the GOP.

It matters because the congressional district method gives the GOP a much better chance of winning, since a strong majority of U.S. congressional districts lean Republican.

In fact, if every state awarded its electoral votes by congressional district, it’s likely that Mitt Romney would have won the 2012 presidential election despite losing the popular vote by nearly four percentage points. (According to Fix projections and data from Daily Kos Elections, Romney won at least 227 congressional districts and 24 states, giving him 275 electoral votes — more than the 270 he needed.)

In addition, if just the five states mentioned above changed their systems, Obama’s 126-electoral-vote win would have shrunk to a 34-vote win — close enough where a different result in Florida (which Obama won by less than one point) would have tipped the 2012 race in Romney’s favor."