Jan 5 2013




Congressman Paul Ryan (WI) who was the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate this year and is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2016, voted to stop any relief funds for Hurricane Sandy. The right wing ideologue was joined by sixty-six other Republicans who voted "NO" on emergency funds to help tens of thousands recover from the devastating hurricane!

By the way, Republican John Boehner didn't even vote on the relief package.

Because of such strong Republican opposition, it took the House seventy days to approve the measure while such funds for Hurricane Katrina were approved in just 10 days. Hurricane Sandy is the second most expensive disaster ever to hit the United States. Ironically five Congressman from Alabama, Florida , Louisiana and Mississippi all voted against relief while their districts received assistance in previous disasters.

You can see the list of shame of all the Republicans who voted 'no' by clicking here.