Jan 12 2013




While the numbers being reported of those who have died from the nationwide flu epidemic is officially over a 100 that is mostly young babies who have died. There are no reports of death toll for senior or others who have been victims of this unprecedented flu epidemic. Right now the death rate is 7.3% of all the deaths being reported in the United States. That is above the official 'epidemic level' of 7.2%.

The range of flu deaths have ranged from a low of 3,000 to a high of over 49,000 since 1976. Experts expect the final number of deaths from this epidemic will be in the tens of thousands range and could surpass the high of 49,000. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) doesn't calculate the final toll until the epidemic has passed. They have a system of judging the number of deaths based on past year statistics.

Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts have reported the highest death toll. This is one of the most serious health crisis from the flu in over a decade!