Jan 9 2013




Well, the evidence just keeps building and building how the earth is getting warmer and warmer. Those of us in New York know that massive Hurricane Sandy could have never sustained its energy without the ocean and Gulf Stream being warmer. The worst drought in United States history at one point last year covered two-thirds of the nation. Massive wildfires burned down over a thousand homes - especially in Colorado.

Now comes even more disturbing news.

First, currently Australia is undergoing the worse heat wave in its history. Towleroad.com is reporting that the heat has been setting so many records that the Weather Agency in Australia has had to add new colors to the map since they have never been this high in that nation's history. Temperatures are easily surpassing 120F and possibly will set an all time record this week. At least a half a dozen towns have been burned to the ground in Tasmania and massive wildfires are continuing to burn. The wildfire level has been raised to "Catastrophic" by the national government.

Purple is the new color added for over 120F degrees

The second piece of news is that it is now official that 2012 is the warmest year in history of the United States. We surpassed the old record by an entire degree which is stunning and we are over three degrees above the average for the last century! Seven of the top ten warmest years have occurred in the last fifteen years!

The situation with Climate Change is getting worse by the year. The pace of the change is moving far quicker than anyone expected!