Jan 15 2013




While it seems as the entire social media and maybe even the world had opinions on Jodie Foster's speech at the Golden Globes, one of the most powerful and important LGBT grassroots efforts in years in taking place in the South. Perhaps not since the Valentine's Day revolution in San Francisco in 2004 when thousands waited in line for a license has there been a more courageous citizen's movement.

The organization Campaign for Southern Equality has launched their "We Do Campaign" where same sex couples all over the South have gone into the heart of the most vehement opposition to marriage equality and asked for marriage licenses. Couples have ventured into the county court houses in North Carolina, Mississippi, South Carolina,

Yesterday 74 couples all over the South have applied for marriage licenses. Their courage and spirit is just simply overwhelmingly inspiring.

Wouldn't be great if the week that the Supreme Court hears our case that thousands of couples all over America that can't get legally married in their states go to the Court House and demand justice. In states, like New York where we have marriage, we can fill Times Square in a candle light vigil supporting them that week.

What do you think?