Jan 27 2013




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Loving the Snow In My High School Years

Count me among the people who love a real old fashion winter with deep bone chilling cold and heavy snow with blizzard conditions. A full fledged blizzard is magic with the howling winds, whiteouts from the blowing snow and even the more dirty places are made beautifully white even if it is just for a day or two.

Just two years ago we had a magnificent winter (well not if you are Mayor Bloomberg) in New York City with over 70 inches of snow and one dynamite blizzard. I was in total hog heaven. Last winter it was like Miami in New York City with record warmth, no snow and people with wearing no coats! When this week bitter cold temperatures set in over the Northeast my hopes rose about finally a good old fashion snow storm.

After all, once the middle and end of February arrives, the chances for a good old blizzard become dimmer. The wind chills in New York plummeted to below zero and even the most hardy among us were struggling to stay warm. The cold was the topic of conversation at every bar and among strangers in elevators. Storms were forming and it briefly appeared that we would finally have a good snow. Nope, when the snow arrived it last about four hours and barely coated the streets. Not even enough to cause a good traffic jam.

We were robbed. Hell this year Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas has had more snow than New York City. The South robbed us of our weather. There is reason they have the damn Palm trees and it is because they are supposed to be warm.

If I see one more Southern kid throw snowballs, I am going to send in one of those petitions to the President asking that they be allowed to succeed from the Union. They stole our weather and with that theft they stole my joy and fun. A person can sink any more lower than to steal a man's snow. Not only did the folks in that region hold up our disaster relief the suckers stole our snow. Enough