Jan 11 2013




Hillary Clinton will walk away with the Democratic Party if the vote was held today. Only Vice President Joe Biden manages double digits in a race with the Secretary of State. There is one Republican candidate who runs a very tight race with Clinton in 2016! Public Policy Polling has a Clinton vs Biden race.: :

Clinton: 57%
Biden: 16%

If Clinton and Biden both decide not to run, it becomes an open race for the Democrats:

Cuomo: 19%
Warren: 16%
O'Malley: 7%
Patrick: 6%
Gillibrand: 5%
Warner: 4%
Schweitzer: 2%

Clinton easily beats Congressman Ryan by 15%, former Governor Jeb Bush by 14% and Senator Marco Rubio by 14%!

However there is one Republican where she runs very close and that is Governor Chris Christie. However in the Republican primary Christie can only obtain 14% of the Republican voters behind Ryan, Rubio and Mike Huckabee. Here is the result of a very close race between Christie and Clinton: :

Clinton: 44%
Christie: 42%