Jan 2 2013




In a pique of anger and expressing their rage at losing the vote on the financial compromise, House Republicans roared 'nay' when the bill providing $60 Billion in relief for those devastated by Hurricane Sandy came to a vote. No one can convince me if the bill had been relief for Texas or Florida that the legislation wouldn't have quickly passed.

Instead it was relief for liberal New York and that Governor Christie guy who did his job and refused to make political his state's biggest disaster. That made it easy for House Tea Party types to organize a gigantic finger pointed at New Jersey and New York.

While making this fringe element feel better about themselves the ramifications are serious. If they can't get this legislation done today then the entire appropriation process has start over with the new Congress! This could mean significant and horrible delay in getting relief to the tens of thousands of victims of Hurricane Sandy. Once again the right wing Republicans in the House have proven that the last thing on their minds is the people of the United States.

Literally their message to the thousands who are homeless and devastated by the storm is "Let them live in tents".