Jan 24 2013




Everywhere you look you see an economy that is rapidly making a comeback. The banner headlines in USA Today proclaimed that the housing market is dramatically improving. Now comes new numbers that show jobs are coming back to those states that were hardest hit in the recession.

President Obama is starting this second term with an economy that he saved becoming even better. Of course, the Republicans in the House of Representatives could do their best to send us into a tail spin again! Michigan in just two years has lowered its jobless rate by 5%! Take a look at these numbers from 24/7 Wall Street. The first number is currently and the (number) is where the rate was in the last two years.

California: 9.2% (11.2%)

Illinois: 8.7% (9.7%)

Michigan: 8.9% (14%)

Mississippi: 8.6% (10.4%)

Nevada: 10.2% (13%)

Ohio: 6.7% (7.9%)